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Fleas and ticks are small and can go unnoticed, that is until they start causing
huge problems! Here are some myths debunked.
MYTH:  A few fleas are no big deal.

FACT:  You may only see a few fleas, but behind those fleas are the unseen eggs, pupae and
larvae. Adult fleas only represent 5% of the flea population. Consider it like a pyramid, the fleas at
the top at 5%, than pupae at 10%, followed by larvae at 35%, and ending with eggs at 50%.
MYTH:  Pets need flea and tick preventative only a few months out of the year.

FACT:  Ticks don't die from freezing temperatures. Any time the temperature is above
freezing, ticks are active. So we always recommend using flea/tick preventative year round.
MYTH:  I've never seen a flea on my pet, so she doesn't need flea control.

FACT:  Fleas can go unnoticed, as mentioned above, they are only 5% of the flea population.
Your pet may not have a flea now but it doesn't mean they can't get one! Soon that one can become
more quickly. The flea/tick preventative that we have at our hospital comes with a guarantee, so
that if your pet does end up with a flea infestation, the company will pay for treatment to get rid of
the fleas. But this guarantee only is liable if you use our flea/tick preventative year round.
MYTH:  I can get good flea/tick products at the pet store or online.

FACT:  As mentioned above, our flea/tick preventative is guaranteed, you can't get that
over-the-counter, only at a veterinary hospital. Also, we help make sure that you receive the
correct product/dosage for your pet. Some online pharmacies obtain their products overseas
where there is less regulation.  Certain products can be toxic to your pet, and at the wrong
dose can even cause death. We can help you find the best product for you and your pet!
MYTH:  Once I treat my pet and the fleas go away, my work is done.

FACT:  Most flea preventatives only kill fleas at a certain stage of their life. You should continue
to use the flea preventative so that you will eventually kill all the fleas as they go through their life
cycle. This can take up to 3 months! Fleas also can be anywhere, and one flea reproduces many
eggs quickly, so the cycle can start all over again. It is best to keep your pet on flea and tick
preventative all year round.
MYTH:  I only need to treat my one flea-ridden pet, not the other pets in my house.

FACT:  All pets in your household need to be treated even indoor only cats!  Fleas can live in
carpeting and pet bedding.  If only one pet is treated the fleas can easily jump onto the untreated
animals in the household
MYTH:  I can't afford to give a flea/tick preventative monthly.

FACT:  We understand money constraints. Stop by and ask us about our flea/tick preventatives.
We have multiple types and we can figure out what product would work out best for you. Leaving
your pets unprotected from ticks and fleas can cause other health issues that can end up being
much more costly than monthly preventatives.
MYTH:  Flea/tick products are toxic.

FACT:  Unlike "natural" products, prescription flea control agents have been extensively tested
and approved by the FDA.  We use these products on our own pets, knowing that they are safe and
that they work when used properly.  Most drugs can have adverse reactions, but in most flea/tick
instances the benefits far outweigh the slight chance of a minor reaction.

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