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don’t live and let live,
live and help live

“Don’t just live and let live, but live and help live,” is a motto that has deep meaning to each and every one of us.
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free exam (dog or cat) for new patient
Three dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds

prevention and education
“the best protocols”

As such, we are passionate in our recommendations that we believe will allow your pets to maximize their quality and span of life.
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Services Offered

Our services include but are not limited to, Preventive Care, Regenerative Medicine, Dental Service, Avian and Exotic Care, Laser Therapy and much more.


The best way to setup and appointment is to call us. You can also send us an email through our Contact Form and request that we call you for an appointment.

emergency cases

You may come to us for emergencies during our normal business hours.

In case you have an after-hours emergency, we have a list of our recommended emergency clinics!

What makes us different

Modern Medicines

We use a combination of traditional and modern medicines to heal animals.

Qualified Doctors and Staff

Our team of professionals are highly trained to serve our patients’ needs.

Emergency Services

We handle emergencies during our regular business hours and recommend emergency clinics for after-hours.

Your pet
is your family

We understand how important your pets are to you. We appreciate the trust you place in us to provide veterinary care for your pet and you can rest assured that we genuinely care.

Our Services

We provide high-quality health care services for your pets.


We are located in Cranberry Township, on Marshall Road off of Hwy 79.